Rainbows and Colors in the Big Bear Classroom!

Updated: May 6

Welcome back to the Big Bear Cubs! Last week's blog was all about the “zoo”. My students had so much fun drawing zoo maps, easel painting and learning about wild animals. They also had so much fun watching me act out one animal for them to guess. As you could probably guess, animals are some of the most exciting things for young students to learn about and having a week where we focused on exploring the jungle and all the animals that live there was amazing. I hope you enjoyed the artwork of our talented Big Bear cubs, they were so proud of their drawings!

This week in the Big Bear cubs classroom

Throughout this week my students were very busy learning everything there is to know about rainbows. Rainbow activities provide so many opportunities to learn and the opportunities are endless. From weather, to color mixing, to identification to art, there are so many different activities that I am excited to share with you all. The Big Bear Cubs also had so many unique rainbow experiments to try, but they decided to go with the skittles rainbow investigation (more on that later I promise).

At the beginning of the week when we were deciding which science experiment to run I asked my students, “What do you think will happen to the water when we add skittles to it?”. Some answered and said it would turn into “colorful tasty water”, while others said “yuck…it will taste yucky!”. After examining a number of different experiments we decided the Skittles rainbow investigation would be the most fun and educational for the Big Bear Cubs. Later on in this blog I’ll go over the details of this science experiment as well as some of the other great activities we did this week.

This week in the big bear cubs classroom was really wonderful and the whole room was alive with bright colors and happy students. Like the animals of our zoo week, colors and rainbows are some of the most interesting things that students are drawn to. Bright pictures with vibrant colors make for great inspiration, while the mysteries of the rainbow peak a child’s curiosity.

This week was filled with arts and crafts which are always loved by my students along with experiments that put their critical thinking, math skills, and creativity to the test! Here at Honey Bear Preschool we are always looking to provide your child with the most well rounded and comprehensive Pre-K experience as possible so that when they graduate they are more than ready to tackle the challenges of kindergarten and beyond. Here are some of the activities that my students particularly liked this week!

Rainbow Skittle Investigation

Of course after talking about this earlier in the blog the first activity we needed to talk about was the Rainbow Skittle Investigation. Combining aspects of color creation, experimentation, and creative design, the rainbow skittle experiment was a great introduction to our week of rainbows and colors. Our first task was to sort the skittles by colors, improving the students eye hand coordination and reinforcing their color knowledge.

Once the skittles were divided out, we added room temperature water to the cups. Almost instantaneously the sugary color began to dissolve away and my students paid close attention as the color sank to the bottom of the cup. They noticed that while the water was still the dye remained close to the skittles, we then began to stir the water to mix the color throughout the cup. With our “paint” prepared, we used the different colors of the rainbow to create our very own rainbow! We also saved some of the different colors and mixed some to see what would happen. One of the goals of this was to have my students guess what colors would be created when we mixed different colors together. At the end of the experiment we decided to taste some of the skittle mixtures. It was interesting to see how the big bear cubs described the different colors tasting. Some students described red tasting like Tylenol, orange like orange juice, yellow like banana, green like lime and purple like Pedialyte. Even though there is no true difference in the flavors, my students got to see how our perception of things can impact the way we taste them, which they thought was amazing!

Circle time puppet show

This is an activity that I like to use frequently as it really helps build the confidence and social skill of my students. Some kids come into the Big Bear classroom more shy than others and our encouraging and supportive circle time puppet shows can help bring some of them out of their shells. Depending on the theme of the week my students come up with a theme based puppet show and go around the room presenting. Activities like this where the students all encourage and interact with one another are great confidence boosters and have helped lots of my more shy students start to participate in our circle time discussions. Building social skills is so important at a young age and having a safe space for my students to learn to build these skill is something I strive for everyday.

Rainbow Art

Art is always a favorite in the Big Bear classroom and this week was no different! Rainbows are such an amazing phenomena and it was so fun to see the different ways the Big Bear Cubs chose to paint a rainbow. My favorite was blow painting! We’ve done this before, but painting rainbows in this way led to some amazing art pieces!

Cloud Writing

I don’t know about you but learning to write was one of my least favorite things growing up. Cloud writing is a way that we try to make word work and handwriting as fun as possible. We filled a tray with shaving cream which my students then used to write letters, numbers, sight words and names in the clouds. One of my students had the fabulous idea to sprinkle glitter onto the shaving cream to pretend it was raining. Those are the types of things I love and watching my students grow and have ideas throughout the year is such a rewarding part of teaching at Honey Bear.

Rainbow Math Lessons

Of course, no week is complete without some math work. After all, our goal here at Honey Bear is to educate and prepare your child for the rigors of kindergarten and beyond. This rainbow activity doubles as both a rainbow craft and a hands-on rainbow math activity where my students worked on counting by tens. We used pipe cleaners, beads and white play-dough for this project. We also used an abacus to help us with the counting!

Colorful necklaces

The last activity I'll talk about for this week is our colorful necklace crafting station. We used some beads in the colors of the rainbow to make some simple yet elegant rainbow necklaces! This really improved my students fine motor skills, and I loved how they used their creativity to come up with rainbow patterns and designs for their necklaces.

Coming up next

In my next blog you will hear all about what my students will be learning during our culture week here at Honey Bear. I will take them on a journey throughout the world so that they can learn about different cultures and how people live in countries around the world. This theme will teach the Big Bear Cubs about different cultures and exploring countries through art, food, language, music and much more. Get your suitcase and passports ready, were about to go on a trip around the world!

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