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Updated: May 3

Last Week’s Recap

Hello parents! Welcome back to the Honey Bear Preschool Blog, we’re so excited to have you here again. If you read my Big Bear Cubs blog from last week, you’ll know that my students had a ton of fun learning about teeth and dental health. It amazing to see what young, curious minds find interesting, and my students learned so much. From crafts, games and songs, to even a science experiment, we all had a great time exploring what it means to take good care of your body, and make sure your teeth are healthy! One of the things we try to teach all of our students here at Honey Bear Preschool is the importance of taking care of your body and eating healthy. Our week learning about teeth was just one of many weeks where we will focus on developing healthy habits for our students. With last week’s recap out of the way let’s jump right into the exciting activities we did throughout President’s Day week.

This Week in the Big Bear Cubs Classroom

This week was a very special week here at Honey Bear and across the country, Monday was President's Day! This holiday marks an important day in the history of the United States, and my students and I celebrated by learning about the lives of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, two of our most important and respected presidents. Through coin sorting, quill writing, fun games, historical art and crafts, and science experiments, my students dove deep into the history of our great leaders and the importance of this holiday.

However, before all of that fun stuff, and even before explaining President’s Day, I asked my students, “who or what is a President to you?”. Some students shouted out answers of, “My mommy & daddy are the presidents!”, while others responded with “the trash man is the president!”, kids are hilarious! We had so much fun learning about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and hopefully now my students can teach you a thing or two about some of our best presidents.

Activities of the Week

Throughout this week in the Big Bear Cubs Classroom, my students learned about Presidents Day through a variety of different engaging activities. Learning through doing is one of the best ways that a young mind can develop, and I always do my best to come up with fun, educational, and developmental activities to help drive your child’s early education. Here are some of the activities that we had fun with this week!

Presidential Coin Toss

During President’s Day week it seemed only right that we had an activity that made use of the Abraham Lincoln penny, and George Washington quarter. In this fun game my students got into small groups and learned to play together. The Presidential coin toss helped the Big Bear Cubs develop their gross motor skills while having fun together. During the experiment my students also began to learn about the values of different coins to help them with their counting and arithmetic!

Liquid Science Experiment

In this week’s science experiment, we used coins to learn how many drops of water it would take to break the surface tension of water on pennies and quarters. I helped my students set up their coins then we worked together to slowly add more and more drops of water until the meniscus broke! The Big Bear Cubs were fascinated by the water’s ability to hold its shape, and I am certain that we have a few future scientists in our classroom! This great activity was wonderful for developing fine motor skills, precision, and body control! Of course safety is always our number one priority, especially when doing a science experiment, and as you can see my Big Bear Cubs will always be wearing safety goggles when necessary.

Feather writing

We started off this activity with a quick discussion on which end of the feather to use. A feather is made up of the quill and the vane. The quill being the shaft of the feather and the vane being the feathery part. At first my students loved playing with the vane but after a little while they switched to using the quill end of the feather for writing. The feather is a good tool to use for pre-writing as some students have the tendency to hold their pencils quite high up, which can lead to a tough time writing. With the soft feathers at the base, I was able to get them to hold the feather in a "good grip" to write their letters. I know how difficult it can be for students to form good habits especially with things like writing, so it is important to me to find fun ways to reinforce the correct way for my Big Bear Cubs to do things.

Presidential Art

Our favorite art activity of the week was definitely George Washington and Abraham Lincoln masks. I loved watching my students use their fingers to manipulate art materials and some of the masks they made were very impressive! Art is such an important part of development and it is one of our big focuses here at Honey Bear. Our students learn to express themselves, and explore their creativity, while at the same time develop their fine motor skills as they use those small muscles in their hands. We have so much student art up at Honey Bear, the next time you come to drop your child off stop in for a little while and see what talented students we have!

Coming up Next Week

Roar! Squawk! Hiss! Let’s go to the zoo! In the next few days we will be learning everything there is to know about animals. What they eat, how they move, where they live, how they protect themselves, what they feel, and so much more. In addition to learning about animals and their lifestyles my Big Bear Cubs will also learn about the importance of taking care of the environment and the effect it can have on an animals habitat. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year and we have so many exciting events planned! Get ready for an awesome adventure at the zoo!

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